All My Sons

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Dry Socks Symbol Icon
In a conversation with Annie at the close of Act 1, Chris recounts a brief story of a GI in the war who offered Chris his last pair of dry socks. Chris views this gesture, and these socks, as indicative of the kind of care and brotherhood soldiers showed to one another in battle, and Chris rues the idea that this brotherhood is now lost in post-war, materialist culture. Chris’s dry socks, like the tree, are also a complex symbol. To Chris, the dry socks are an uncomplicated way of representing camaraderie in battle. But it is clear, in the context of the play, that Chris wishes all moral decisions in peacetime resembled the moral clarity the socks represent. Working in the family business, and coping with his father’s guilt in the manufacturing fiasco, are not so simple as this act of kindness and charity, and Chris bemoans the fact that, in his adult life, he must confront a moral universe far more complicated, far less black-and-white, than the one in which he took solace during combat.
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Dry Socks Symbol Timeline in All My Sons

The timeline below shows where the symbol Dry Socks appears in All My Sons. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1
Family and Familial Obligation Theme Icon
Loss and Memory Theme Icon
War, Morality, and Consequences Theme Icon
Wealth and Its Accumulation Theme Icon
Liability, Culpability, and Guilt Theme Icon
...young soldier, in the war, who lent him his (the soldier’s) only remaining pair of dry socks ; this kind of brotherhood, Chris says, was commonplace in the war, but now, he... (full context)