Désirée’s Baby

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Fine clothes Symbol Analysis

Fine clothes Symbol Icon
Armand orders fine clothes and ladies’ accessories for Désirée from Paris when he wishes to marry her. These fine objects symbolize Armand’s wealth and influence, as well as the material transaction that is taking place through the marriage. Armand conceives of Désirée as one of his many beautiful possessions. He showers her with gifts, but quickly falls out of love with her when his faith in her is tested. At the end of the short story, Armand directs the burning of the fine clothes and gifts he has bestowed on Désirée. For Armand, these objects are symbolic of Désirée, and he uses the bonfire to remove his memories of her along with her possessions. The destruction of the fine clothes demonstrates Armand’s position of wealth that allows for such an extravagance.
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Fine clothes Symbol Timeline in Désirée’s Baby

The timeline below shows where the symbol Fine clothes appears in Désirée’s Baby. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Désirée’s Baby
Intersection of Classism, Sexism, and Racism  Theme Icon
Love and Blindness Theme Icon
...for he could give her his name—one of the most respectable in Louisiana. He ordered fine clothes and gifts for her from Paris and the two were married. (full context)
Slavery and Racism Theme Icon
Intersection of Classism, Sexism, and Racism  Theme Icon
Irony, Misjudgments, and Fate Theme Icon
...and feed the bonfire. Armand directs a baby’s cradle be added to the fire, and fine clothes ; gowns of silk, velvet, and satin; laces; embroideries; bonnets and gloves follow this. These... (full context)