Enrique’s Journey

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The Beast Symbol Analysis

The Beast Symbol Icon
The Beast is the term that Enrique and other migrants use for the treacherous and terrible state of Chiapas in Mexico. It becomes a symbol for the dangers and threats that the journey as a whole to the United States holds for migrant children who wish to make it to their parents.
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The Beast Symbol Timeline in Enrique’s Journey

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Beast appears in Enrique’s Journey. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
3. Facing the Beast
Perseverance and Survival Theme Icon
Compassion and Faith Theme Icon
Humanization and Dehumanization  Theme Icon
Immigration  Theme Icon
...to enter the southernmost state, Chiapas, known by Enrique and other young migrants as the beast. His experiences in Chiapas have yielded knowledge: avoid buses, never ride freight trains alone, do... (full context)
Perseverance and Survival Theme Icon
Immigration  Theme Icon
...train pass out of Chiapas and Enrique is proud to have made it through the beast. (full context)