Invisible Man

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The Dark-Lensed Glasses Symbol Analysis

The Dark-Lensed Glasses Symbol Icon
When the narrator puts on the dark-lensed glasses, the citizens of Harlem immediately begin to mistake him for a man named Rinehart. The glasses are a sign of the unexpected fluidity of identity. For instance, after a few moments of wearing the glasses, the narrator finds himself acting differently, beginning the play the role of the man for whom he has been mistaken. The narrator finds it easier than he expected to inhabit a new role, a sign of the many unexplored possibilities that belong to every person. However, the glasses have their limits, as the narrator finds them crushed later during the Harlem riot.
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The Dark-Lensed Glasses Symbol Timeline in Invisible Man

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Dark-Lensed Glasses appears in Invisible Man. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 23
Race and Racism Theme Icon
Identity and Invisibility Theme Icon
...hail a cab, the narrator notices three men in suits, all of whom are wearing dark-lensed glasses . The narrator is suddenly struck with an idea. He runs into a drugstore and... (full context)
Identity and Invisibility Theme Icon
Walking down the street in his new dark glasses , the narrator is approached by a beautiful woman. The woman has mistaken him for... (full context)
Chapter 25
Race and Racism Theme Icon
Identity and Invisibility Theme Icon
...a raid of Harlem’s armory. Seeing Ras, the narrator searches his brief case for his dark-lensed glasses , only to find that they’ve been crushed. Suddenly, the narrator finds himself trapped in... (full context)