Life as We Knew It

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Mr. Mortensen Character Analysis

One of Miranda’s neighbors. After the asteroid collision the Evans family see him twice—once when there is neighborhood caroling on Christmas Eve, and once when he knocks on their door, desperate for medicine for his sick wife. This is the first indication the Evans family has of the deadly flu that decimates the population.
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Mr. Mortensen Character Timeline in Life as We Knew It

The timeline below shows where the character Mr. Mortensen appears in Life as We Knew It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 18
 Survival and Death  Theme Icon
 Currency, Commodities, and Value  Theme Icon
 Faith  Theme Icon
...and Matt practice on the skis. This skill feels even more important after their neighbor, Mr. Mortensen , shows up unexpectedly begging for medicine because his wife is very sick. Laura reluctantly... (full context)