Life as We Knew It

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The Yellow Flyer Symbol Analysis

 The Yellow Flyer  Symbol Icon

At the end of the novel, when her family’s food supply is almost gone, Miranda walks toward town, intending to spare her family from having to witness her death. When she can walk no further she sits down to record her last thoughts. While doing so she spies a flash of yellow in the street. After living under the ominous ash cloud sky for many months, the color is startling. “My world has been nothing but shades of gray for so long that the yellow almost hurt my eyes.” Despite her fatigue and weakness, the sight of the flyer buoys Miranda’s spirits and she uses her remaining strength to chase it down. “But it was yellow. I had to have it.” The paper directs her to City Hall where food distribution has commenced, thereby saving herself and her family from starvation. The flyer, then, and specifically its yellow color, symbolizes hope and the possibility of a brighter future ahead.

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The Yellow Flyer Symbol Timeline in Life as We Knew It

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Yellow Flyer appears in Life as We Knew It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 21
 Survival and Death  Theme Icon
 Faith  Theme Icon
 Legacy  Theme Icon
 Perspective  Theme Icon
...this deflates Miranda, who sinks down on the street—but then she sees a flutter of yellow paper . Miranda hasn’t seen the color in so long, and she chases it down the... (full context)