Notes from Underground

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Two Times Two Equals Four Symbol Analysis

Two Times Two Equals Four Symbol Icon
This simple equation epitomizes rationality and scientific and mathematical fact for the underground man. In its simplicity and truth, it is undeniable and leaves no room for disagreement or protest. The underground man says that some people think the whole world and all of human life can be understood according to reason and logic of the kind exemplified by two-times-two-equals-four. But, he strongly disagrees with this notion. He asserts that if life were nothing but a series of equations and logical laws to be figured out, mankind would have no free will; life would simply be dictated by reason and logic, and man would be nothing but an “organ stop,” acted upon by natural forces. In the face of this, the underground man stresses the importance of man’s irrationality and his ability to behave illogically. The equation two-times-two-equals-four symbolizes the oppressive reason and logic against which the underground man struggles. Arguing for the importance of free will, he insists that two-times-two-equals-four is “no longer life,” and claims that mankind’s freedom lies in its ability to believe illogically that “two times two makes five.”
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Two Times Two Equals Four Symbol Timeline in Notes from Underground

The timeline below shows where the symbol Two Times Two Equals Four appears in Notes from Underground. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 3
Reason and Rationality Theme Icon
Spite, Pain, and Suffering Theme Icon
...nature and mathematics as inviolable, thinking it is impossible to protest, for example, that “ two times two makes four .” He says that he is disgusted by the “impossibilities of stone walls,” represented by... (full context)
Part 1, Chapter 9
Reason and Rationality Theme Icon
...process of achieving his goal and not the goal itself,” which is “none other than two times two makes four , that is, a formula.” He says that “two times two makes four is no... (full context)