On the Road

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The Ghost of the Susquehanna Character Analysis

An old, mad hobo whom Sal sees outside of Pittsburgh on his way back east in Part One. The Ghost shows Sal that one can wander around and find wilderness anywhere in America, that the freedom of the road has more to do with a state of mind or being than with getting to any particular destination, like the west coast.
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The Ghost of the Susquehanna Character Timeline in On the Road

The timeline below shows where the character The Ghost of the Susquehanna appears in On the Road. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 14
Society, Norms, and Counterculture Theme Icon
The Ghost of the Susquehanna walked in the middle of the road and Sal was sure that “the poor little... (full context)
Freedom, Travel, and Wandering Theme Icon
Riding in the car, Sal saw the Ghost of the Susquehanna standing under a streetlamp. The driver stopped and told him that he was walking the... (full context)