Oryx and Crake

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Outside Symbol Icon
The Pleeblands are “outside”—lawlessness, disease, and poverty abound. Contagion threatens to break into the body from air or water. Outside stands for fear, foreignness, dirtiness, poverty, and desolation. After the plague, the inside and outside are no longer separated, and the whole world becomes outside. Outside thus stands for the breakdown of order—social, economic, and cultural hierarchies are meaningless “outside.”
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Outside Symbol Timeline in Oryx and Crake

The timeline below shows where the symbol Outside appears in Oryx and Crake. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2
Scientific Progress & Its Costs Theme Icon
Corporate Power & Commodification Theme Icon
History, Language & the Humanities  Theme Icon
Extinction & Evolution Theme Icon
...clear that a new kind of virus had been introduced in the livestock population from outside. Jimmy’s father and the other man lament that their paid security forces failed to do... (full context)
Corporate Power & Commodification Theme Icon
...insular and secure community built for company employees and their families. Jimmy has never been outside, to a city, and has heard that the cities are dirty and dangerous. People within... (full context)