Our Town

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The Time Capsule Symbol Icon
However, the song can also have a darker significance. It is perhaps ironic in Act Two, as it is sung just as Emily is panicking and saying that she does not want to be bound to George in marriage. In this context, the song is almost menacing, as Emily has little choice but to be connected to George. And in the cemetery of Act Three, the real tie that binds all of us together seems to be our inevitable mortality, as we all die and end up in a cemetery just like the deceased characters. Still, the hymn is, overall, an affirmation of the family and community groups in the play bound together by various ties of family, friendship, and love.
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The Time Capsule Symbol Timeline in Our Town

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Time Capsule appears in Our Town. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1
The Everyday and the Ordinary Theme Icon
Time, Change, and Continuity Theme Icon
...A new bank is being built and they’ve decided to bury some objects in a time capsule in the building’s cornerstone to preserve for posterity. They are including a copy of the... (full context)