Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 17 Summary & Analysis

The next day, Elizabeth tells Jane what she learned. Jane cannot believe that Darcy could be so blameworthy and that there must be other parts to the story. But Elizabeth believes Wickham, saying "there was truth in his looks." She wonders how Bingley could actually be Darcy's friend.
Elizabeth dismisses Jane for only seeing the good in people. Yet at the same time, Elizabeth bases her own preference for Wickham entirely on his looks and on her own pride in her ability to read people.
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Bingley and his sisters visit Longbourn with an invitation to a ball at Netherfield. Lydia and Kitty are overjoyed. Jane is excited to see Bingley, while Elizabeth looks forward to dancing with Wickham, though Mr. Collins requests that she give him the first two dances, which she must do out of politeness.
Dancing is the closest thing to intimate physical contact allowed between unmarried people. It's a thrill.
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