Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 42 Summary & Analysis

Elizabeth reflects on her disappointment regarding her parents' marriage. After Mr. Bennet realized he married a foolish woman, he sought comfort in his library and in making fun of Mrs. Bennet. Though Elizabeth hates to admit it, Mr. Bennet has failed as a respectful spouse and responsible father.
Elizabeth shares certain traits with her father, especially humor and intelligence, but she knows these won't suffice. She'll add a sense of responsibility and compassion to them.
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In July, Elizabeth leaves on her summer holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner. They tour Derbyshire, which takes them near Pemberley. Mrs. Gardiner suggests they visit the estate. Elizabeth consents to go only when she learns that Darcy will not be there.
Elizabeth's hesitation about visiting Pemberley reflects her new concern for Darcy. She does not want her presence to embarrass him.
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