Romeo and Juliet Symbols

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Light/Dark and Day/Night

Romeo and Juliet is filled with imagery of light and dark. But while light is traditionally connected with "good" and dark with "evil," in Romeo and Juliet the relationship is more complex. Romeo and Juliet constantly see each other as forms of light. In the balcony scene, Romeo describes Juliet as the sun, while Juliet describes Romeo as stars. But the relationship between light and dark is complicated by the lover's need for the privacy of darkness in order to be together. As Romeo says when the sun dawns on the morning when he is to be banished from Verona, "More light and light, more dark and dark our woes!" So while Romeo and Juliet see each other as light, in order for their light to shine brightly it needs the contrast of darkness, of night, to make it powerful.

Look for the red text to track where Light/Dark and Day/Night appears in: Act 1, scene 1, Act 3, scene 3, Act 3, scene 4, Act 3, scene 5, Act 1, scene 5, Act 2, scene 1, Act 3, scene 2, Act 3, scene 3, Act 3, scene 5, Act 4, scene 1, Act 3, scene 2, Act 3, scene 5