The Chosen

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Silence Symbol Icon
The characters of The Chosen continually debate the value of silence and partial resolution comes only in the last pages of the novel. Moments of silence range from casual and comfortable to cold and painful. The pain of silence arises because silence is always accompanied (for both the characters and the reader) with a lack of explanation. Each character must learn the meaning and use of silence for himself. This points to the fact that silence in The Chosen represents introspection and self-knowledge. At the same time silence can also represent great connection and understanding between two people. Reb Saunders wishes that everyone could communicate without words. Reuven finds this ridiculous at first but then learns that Reb Saunders truly understood his son in spite of the fact that that they never spoke to each other. The space left by silence is a powerful tool in The Chosen, leaving room for thought, pain, instruction and communion.
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