The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven Chapter 18 Summary & Analysis

Another wind picks Eddie up, and he travels again through the colors of heaven. He travels through the stars, landing among the snow-capped mountains. He now feels heavy and slow, as he remembers feeling when he was middle-aged. He comes upon an old-fashioned diner, which he doesn’t recognize. Looking in through a window, he sees people dressed in outfits from different decades, and many are badly wounded. To his shock, he notices his father among them. Eddie calls to him, but his father doesn’t hear.
As Eddie passes through the phases of heaven, he continues to age. In this new place, it seems that Eddie’s heavenly “lessons” are beginning to expand beyond his own feelings and experiences. Having seen the Blue Man’s pain and the Captain’s sacrifice, Eddie is now more disposed to empathize with the wounds of others.
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