The Glass Menagerie

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Typewriter Symbol Analysis

Typewriter Symbol Icon
For Laura, the typewriter symbolizes the confines of the business world that she escapes by walking in the park or immersing herself in her glass menagerie. For Amanda, the typewriter comes to signify both Laura’s failure to finish her business course as well as Tom’s failure to commit himself more fully to his warehouse job. For Tom, however, the typewriter serves as a means of escape from the confines of his world, as he uses it to compose his manuscripts.
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Typewriter Symbol Timeline in The Glass Menagerie

The timeline below shows where the symbol Typewriter appears in The Glass Menagerie. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Scene 1
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...the audience first sees the apartment's fire escape, then the living room which features a typewriter, a display case with glass animals, and a blown-up photograph that the stage directions explain... (full context)
Scene 2
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Illusions and Dreams Theme Icon
Escape Theme Icon
...puts away the glass figures and pretends to be studying a keyboard diagram at the typewriter. (full context)