The Interlopers

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Wolves Symbol Icon
The wolves that appear over the hill when Ulrich and Georg call for help also demonstrate both the power of nature and its disregard for men or their concerns. Pinned, neither man will be able to fight off the wolves or death. And the wolves, like the Beech tree, will not recognize the different class levels of the two men. Both Ulrich and Georg were initially convinced that whoever’s group was first to arrive would kill the rival forester. After their reconciliation, the men believed that the first group of foresters would save the former rival. In their narrow focus on their own relationship, they forgot about the natural dangers of the forest, twice.
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Wolves Symbol Timeline in The Interlopers

The timeline below shows where the symbol Wolves appears in The Interlopers. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Interlopers
Changing Interlopers Theme Icon
Man vs. Nature Theme Icon
Death Theme Icon
Class Theme Icon laugh a terrified laugh. Georg asks him again who the men are. Ulrich answers, “Wolves.” (full context)