The Plague

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The Man Who Spits on Cats Symbol Analysis

The Man Who Spits on Cats Symbol Icon
Tarrou describes his neighbor, a “dapper little old man” who goes out onto his balcony every day and drops torn paper into the street to lure stray cats. Whenever a cat approaches the old man spits at it, and when he hits one he looks supremely satisfied. When the dogs and cats are killed during the plague (as carriers of plague-bearing fleas), the old man seems heartbroken, and he never appears on his balcony again after that. This man and his strange habit symbolizes the absurdist universe that Camus proposes in his novel. There is no inherent meaning in the man’s actions, but he creates his own meaning from them, which gives him happiness. The extreme absurdity of spitting on cats only emphasizes how absurd all human action is in the face of a vast and uncaring universe. We are all doomed to suffer and die, so anything we might do in the face of that is just as silly as spitting on cats – yet we must keep doing it, as it is only through creating our own meaning that we can give our lives value.
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The Man Who Spits on Cats Symbol Timeline in The Plague

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Man Who Spits on Cats appears in The Plague. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1
Absurdism Theme Icon
Language and Communication Theme Icon
Tarrou describes an old man who lives across from him, who comes out onto his balcony every afternoon and drops... (full context)
Part 2
Absurdism Theme Icon
Suffering and Death Theme Icon
...seem smaller. Tarrou records a woman opening her window, screaming twice, and then shutting it. The man who spits on cats has lost his pastime, as the cats have all been killed as possible carriers of... (full context)
Part 5
Absurdism Theme Icon
Heroism and Defiance Theme Icon
Tarrou still takes a few scattered notes in his diary – he records that the man who spits on cats does not appear again even when the cats return, and Tarrou wonders if he is... (full context)