The Trial

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Titorelli’s Painting of the Judge Symbol Analysis

Titorelli’s Painting of the Judge Symbol Icon
When Josef visits Titorelli, the painter shows him a portrait of a judge that was commissioned by the courts. On the judge’s throne, Titorelli has drawn a winged icon that is meant to depict the figure of justice combined with the figure of victory. The resulting figure, however, shows a justice that is in motion and thus unable to keep its scales balanced. When Josef asks why the drawing is the way it is, Titorelli explained he simply followed instructions and drew without having seen the images he’s meant to depict. This drawing symbolizes the way that the bureaucracy has distorted the concept of justice, creating something mercurial and unreliable—much like the frustrating Law that oppresses Josef. Furthermore, the fact that Titorelli draws these figures from imagination, without having an understanding of what they truly look like, illustrates that human conceptualizations of justice are likely to misrepresent the ideal.
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Titorelli’s Painting of the Judge Symbol Timeline in The Trial

The timeline below shows where the symbol Titorelli’s Painting of the Judge appears in The Trial. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 7
Justice vs. The Law Theme Icon
The Absurd Theme Icon read it himself. The painter shows Josef some of his work, including a court-commissioned portrait of a judge . On the judge’s chair is a combined rendering of Justice and Victory, which shows... (full context)