To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 27 Summary & Analysis

Over the next few weeks: Bob Ewell gets a job and gets fired for laziness within days; Judge Taylor hears a scratching at his back door and sees a shadow running off; Ewell follows and curses at Helen Robinson until Link Deas threatens him to stop or else.
The novel builds suspense as Ewell becomes consumed by hate. He's lost his dignity…
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Aunt Alexandra thinks Ewell has a grudge against everyone involved in the trial. But Atticus says Ewell will calm down when the weather cools. For Halloween that year, there's a pageant at Scout's school. Scout is to be a giant ham—her costume is made of wire and cloth. Atticus and Aunt Alexandra are too tired to attend the pageant, though, so Jem takes her.
…but Atticus doesn't realize it and continues to trust that Ewell will act rationally. This is the one time in all of Mockingbird when Atticus is wrong.
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