To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 31 Summary & Analysis

A little later, Scout escorts Boo back to the Radley House. After Boo has gone inside, she looks out at the street from his porch, and sees the street as Boo must have been watching it for so many years.
For an instant, Scout literally stands in Boo's skin and feels his dignity. She has learned Atticus's lesson.
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When she gets back, Atticus is reading in Jem's room. Scout asks Atticus to read to her and rests her head against his knee. He picks up at random one of Jem's comic books, the Gray Ghost, the book Dill gave Jem years earlier. Atticus reads until she falls sleep, knowing full well that Atticus will sit there until Jem wakes up the next morning.
The novel ends as it began, in innocence. But this innocence is earned. Scout and Jem now understand the world's good and evil, and so, for a moment, they can retreat into the love of their family before facing the world again tomorrow.
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