Twelfth Night

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At various points in the play, hunting is used as a metaphor for the lover's pursuit of his beloved. The metaphor is telling because it emphasizes the extent to which a lover like Orsino takes pleasure in pursuing, rather than consummating, love: for an aristocrat like him, who does not need to hunt for food, once the prey of a hunt is caught, the fun is over.
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Hunting Symbol Timeline in Twelfth Night

The timeline below shows where the symbol Hunting appears in Twelfth Night. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1, scene 1
Desire and Love Theme Icon
Melancholy Theme Icon
Curio, one of Orsino's attendants, enters and asks the Duke whether he will he come hunt "hart" (male deer). Orsino jokes that, since he first saw Olivia, he himself has been... (full context)