White Fang

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The call is a wild force that beckons White Fang and Kiche to return to nature. Because they ultimately disregard the call, it represents a tempting, but unheeded urging to return to the wild. Instead, White Fang and Kiche heed the call of man and the authority and companionship it represents.
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The Call Symbol Timeline in White Fang

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Call appears in White Fang. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 3, Chapter 2
Domestic Yearnings v. Natural Instinct Theme Icon
Mastery Theme Icon
...about the Indian camp, learning to live under the mastery of humans. He obeys their calls and their clubs, gradually giving himself over "body and soul" to man's authority. (full context)
Domestic Yearnings v. Natural Instinct Theme Icon
...Fang and Kiche stray to the edge of the forest, where they hear the wild's call. But the call of man is stronger, so Kiche returns to camp, leading her pup... (full context)
Part 5, Chapter 3
Domestic Yearnings v. Natural Instinct Theme Icon
Nature v. Nurture Theme Icon
Mastery Theme Icon
Domestication Theme Icon
...still snarls at this wild creature with distrust. "The cuff" of Scott's hand, and the call of his voice trains and teaches White Fang to adapt to domestic life. (full context)