A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind


Sylvia Nasar

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A “proper, painstaking, and very serious” man with a “sharp, inquiring mind,” John Nash Sr., John Nash’s father, is a commanding patriarch and engineer who helps to stoke his son’s early interest in science and mathematics. Nash Sr. seems to have played less of an active role in his son’s life than his mother, Virginia, but he helps to provide Nash with a comfortable, middle-class childhood, which affords his son many of the academic opportunities that would help him to become a successful mathematician. Nash Sr. dies before his wife and shortly after Eleanor Stier contacts Nash’s parents to tell them about the birth of her and John Jr.’s son, John David Stier —an event that may have hastened John Sr.’s death.
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John Nash Sr. Character Timeline in A Beautiful Mind

The timeline below shows where the character John Nash Sr. appears in A Beautiful Mind. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: Bluefield
Genius, Morality, and Relationships Theme Icon
...troubled childhood: his father was “strange,” “unstable,” and a “philanderer,” and after his father left, John Nash Sr. , who became an electrical engineer, was raised by his mother. Virginia Martin Nash, Nash’s... (full context)
Chapter 28 – Seattle
Genius, Morality, and Relationships Theme Icon
That summer, Nash receives a call from his father, John Sr. : Eleanor had contacted Nash’s parents to tell them about their grandson. In July, Nash... (full context)
Chapter 29 – Death and Marriage
Genius, Morality, and Relationships Theme Icon
...rhythms” of the city. Nash’s parents have also decided to move to New York for John Sr. ’s work, which worries Nash: he believes that they might try to convince him to... (full context)
Genius, Morality, and Relationships Theme Icon
That September, John Sr. suffers a heart attack and dies at the age of 64. This loss is yet... (full context)