A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind


Sylvia Nasar

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Jorgen Weibull Character Analysis

Weibull is a Swedish professor of economics at the University of Stockholm who proposes John Nash as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Economics. Weibull also meets with Nash after Assar Lindbeck, the chairman of the Nobel Prize selection committee, expresses concern about Nash’s mental state; after their meeting, Weibull becomes an “ardent advocate” for Nash.
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Jorgen Weibull Character Timeline in A Beautiful Mind

The timeline below shows where the character Jorgen Weibull appears in A Beautiful Mind. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 48 – The Prize
Mental Illness, Recovery, and the Quest for Knowledge Theme Icon
Nash’s name first appears as a candidate for a Nobel in the mid-1980s. Jorgen Weibull , a Swedish professor of economics, is tasked with presenting a report on Nash’s work... (full context)