A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind


Sylvia Nasar

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A fellow graduate student of John Nash’s at Princeton, Lloyd Shapley is a veteran, a Harvard graduate, and, by the time he arrives at Princeton, one of the “brightest young star[s] in game theory research.” Nasar draws comparisons between Shapley and Nash, noting that Shapley, like Nash, has a “violent temper” and a “harshly self-critical streak.” Yet Shapley is also an intense perfectionist, which ultimately dampens his career as a mathematician, since he is unable to publish much of his research (Nash, though, publishes research as a young graduate student).
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Lloyd Shapley Character Timeline in A Beautiful Mind

The timeline below shows where the character Lloyd Shapley appears in A Beautiful Mind. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Genius, Morality, and Relationships Theme Icon
...about Nash, Nasar was able to obtain interviews with his friends, family, and colleagues. Lloyd Shapley, a mathematician who knew Nash as a graduate student, described Nash as “immature” and “obnoxious”... (full context)
Chapter 11 – Lloyd
Genius, Morality, and Relationships Theme Icon
...attachments” he would come to form with other men, mostly mathematicians, throughout his life—with Lloyd Shapley. (full context)
Love, Desire, and the Impact of Hidden Lives Theme Icon
Shapley is a veteran and Harvard graduate who had also worked at the RAND corporation, a... (full context)
Love, Desire, and the Impact of Hidden Lives Theme Icon
Though Nash’s thesis idea attracts a great deal of attention, it is Shapley who is viewed as “the real star of the next generation” of mathematicians, by von... (full context)
Chapter 12 – The War of Wits
Mental Illness, Recovery, and the Quest for Knowledge Theme Icon
...journey in an airplane: he is to become a consultant for the RAND corporation, where Shapley had worked. “The original think tank,” RAND’s employees intended to “think the unthinkable,” coming up... (full context)