A Christmas Carol


Charles Dickens

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A Christmas Carol Characters

Ebenezer Scrooge

The quintessential miser, he is cruel-hearted, underpays his clerk Bob Cratchit, and says “Humbug!” to the Christmas festivities that bring joy to everyone around him. But when he is visited by the ghost of… read analysis of Ebenezer Scrooge

The Ghost of Christmas Past

A strange combination of young and old, he has the innocence of an infant, but is seen as if through a veil of time, as if he is very elderly. He wears white robes… read analysis of The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The most ominous of all the spirits, he is a robed, silent figure and Scrooge fears his message most of all. The spirit points his bony hand towards the visions he has in store, and… read analysis of The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Bob Cratchit

Scrooge’s loyal clerk, he is very poorly treated by his boss and his large family live in cold and poverty. The eldest children work hard and Bob is always looking to find them better… read analysis of Bob Cratchit

Tiny Tim

The crippled son of Bob Cratchit, he can be seen sitting on his father’s shoulder or struggling along with his crutch. But far from being a symbol of suffering, Tim is the merriest, bravest… read analysis of Tiny Tim
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Jacob Marley

Scrooge’s former business partner. Despite not being particularly missed by Scrooge, he was nevertheless the miser’s only friend, and is the figure that haunts and protects him by appearing in place of Scrooge's door… read analysis of Jacob Marley


Scrooge’s sister and Fred's mother. She is deceased at the time of the story, but in the vision of the Ghost of Christmas Past she comes to visit Scrooge in the deserted schoolroom when… read analysis of Fan
Minor Characters
The Ghost of Christmas Present
A portly, jovial gentleman. When Scrooge sees him, he is surrounded by a warm glow, and feast-like piles of foods. He carries a cornucopia, a kind of horn with special powers to bestow seasonal joy on the most needy townsfolk.
Fred Scrooge
Scrooge’s nephew, a jolly fellow who loves Christmas and never gives up trying to share his merriment with his uncle, though he is also able to laugh at Scrooge's unrelenting miserliness. When Scrooge does repent, Fred accepts him immediately. He has an infectious, musical laugh.
Scrooge’s young love, who breaks off their engagement because of his altered values—when they met, he was happy to be poor and in love, but money fuels his thoughts now.