A Clockwork Orange


Anthony Burgess

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A Clockwork Orange Characters


The narrator and protagonist of A Clockwork Orange. Alex is a smart “nadsat” [teen] boy with a penchant for what he calls “ultra-violence,” as well as a deep love for classical music. He is… read analysis of Alex

F. Alexander

A writer who lives in the cottage called HOME that Alex and his droogs break into, proceeding then to rape and murder his wife. Later, F. Alexander unknowingly takes Alex in after Alex coincidentally returns… read analysis of F. Alexander
Minor Characters
A physically imposing, mentally deficient droog in Alex’s first gang. After Alex hits Dim for behaving boorishly, he and the rest of the droogs betray Alex. Years later, Dim becomes a policeman and, with his colleague Billyboy, unjustly apprehends and then rapes Alex.
The most even-tempered and conciliatory member of Alex’s group of droogs. At the end of the book, Alex comes across Pete and his new wife in a coffeehouse. Pete’s new, tame lifestyle seems to inspire Alex to settle down and live a more respectable life.
One of Alex’s original three droogs, who has some ambitions of leading the group. Georgie is killed while Alex is in prison.
The leader of a rival gang of droogs whom Alex fights. Later, Billyboy becomes a police officer and, with Dim, beats and rapes Alex.
The Prison Chaplain
Also called "The Charles," he is a cleric who takes a liking to Alex while the latter is in prison. The chaplain is deeply disturbed by Reclamation Therapy, as he believes that goodness should be a choice, not a compulsion.
The Minister of the Interior
A high-ranking government official and a champion of Reclamation Treatment.
The Staja Governor
The commander of the jail where Alex is imprisoned. He is skeptical about the merits of Reclamation Treatment as compared to old-fashioned imprisonment.
Dr. Brodsky
The slick doctor in charge of Alex’s Reclamation Therapy.
Dr. Branom
An assistant to Dr. Brodsky.
Pee and Em
Alex’s names for his mother and father. His parents treat him with fearful deference.
A lodger who moves into Alex’s room when he is imprisoned. When Alex returns home, he finds that Joe has become a second son to his parents. Joe is later mistreated by the police, and moves back to his hometown to recover.
P.R. Deltoid
Alex’s world-weary Post-Corrective Adviser, assigned to keep tabs on the boy’s behavior. Deltoid seems genuinely, if a bit warily, concerned for Alex. But he is so disgusted after Alex gets arrested for rape and murder that he visits Alex in custody and spits in his face.