A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court


Mark Twain

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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Characters

Hank Morgan

Hank Morgan is the Connecticut Yankee who finds himself thrown into sixth-century Britain and the court of King Arthur at Camelot. There, he takes on Clarence as a protégé, Sandy as a damsel in distress… read analysis of Hank Morgan

King Arthur

King Arthur sits at the top of the feudal hierarchy in medieval England. With his wife, Queen Guenever at his side, he rules from Camelot, home to Sir Kay, Sir Launcelot, Sir Gawaineread analysis of King Arthur


Demoiselle Alisande la Carteloise, whom Hank Morgan quickly begins to call “Sandy,” is a young woman who travels to Camelot with a tragic tale of being imprisoned (along with dozens of other fine ladies) in… read analysis of Sandy


Clarence is a 12-year-old page at the court of King Arthur when Hank Morgan finds himself thrown into medieval England. Although everyone believes Sir Kay’s claims that Hank is a dangerous monster with sharp… read analysis of Clarence


Merlin is a sorcerer who serves King Arthur. Because he represents (and draws his power from) superstition and belief, Merlin is a natural foil for Hank Morgan, and the two men maintain a… read analysis of Merlin
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Morgan le Fay

Morgan le Fay is King Arthur’s sister. A powerful enchantress and ruler in her own right, she has an antagonistic, competitive relationship with her brother. She has a reputation for wickedness, yet she is… read analysis of Morgan le Fay


Dowley is an affluent blacksmith in a small English village. He was orphaned as a child and had odd jobs until he attracted the attention of the old blacksmith, who took him on as an… read analysis of Dowley

Sir Launcelot

Sir Launcelot is the strongest and mightiest of the knights who serve King Arthur and sit at his Round Table. He’s also Queen Guenever’s lover, a fact that is common knowledge to everyone but… read analysis of Sir Launcelot


Marco is a freeman who, along with his wife Phyllis, hosts Hank Morgan and King Arthur while they travel the country disguised as commoners. In thanks, Hank buys new clothes, furniture, and lavish… read analysis of Marco

Sir Sagramore

As a knight, Sir Sagramore serves King Arthur and sits at the Round Table. He is a physically imposing and powerful knight. When he overhears Hank Morgan wishing ill on Sir Dinadan and thinks Hank’s… read analysis of Sir Sagramore

Sir Gawaine

Sir Gawaine serves King Arthur and as one of the knights of the Round Table. Sandy tells Hank Morgan about Gawaine’s chivalric exploits, which include fighting with and befriending the Irish prince Marhaus. When… read analysis of Sir Gawaine


Marhaus is an Irish prince. He’s a central player in the story Sandy tells Hank Morgan while they ride on Hank’s quest. Marhaus once crossed swords with Sir Gawaine and, impressed by Gawaine’s brave fighting… read analysis of Marhaus

Sir Kay

Sir Kay is the first knight whom Hank Morgan encounters in medieval England. Kay captures Hank and brings him back to Camelot as a prisoner. Claiming that Hank is a powerful magician, Kay wants Hank… read analysis of Sir Kay

Sir Dinadan

Sir Dinadan is one of the knights who serve King Arthur at Camelot. He is a prankster and a jokester, although Hank Morgan finds his sense of humor unfunny and outdated. He is the inadvertent… read analysis of Sir Dinadan


As King Arthur’s nephew, Mordred was left in charge of the kingdom when his uncle accompanied Sir Gawaine to attack Sir Launcelot in one phase of the kingdom’s brutal civil war. Mordred attempted to… read analysis of Mordred


M.T. is the narrator who writes the first chapter and final postscript of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. The narrator’s initials match Mark Twain’s name, suggesting that readers are meant to take the… read analysis of M.T.
Minor Characters
Phyllis is married to Marco, a freeman charcoal burner. Along with her husband, she hosts Hank Morgan and King Arthur while they are traveling the country disguised as peasants. The fact that “Phyllis” (like Marco) never introduces herself insinuates that Hank gave her a modern-sounding name in his story.
Guenever is King Arthur’s wife and Sir Launcelot’s lover. Everyone but Arthur acknowledges the affair, and when the king can no longer deny it, her indiscretions lead to civil war. After Arthur’s death, Guenever becomes a nun.
Earl Grip
Earl Grip is a noble gentleman who stops a mob of angry villagers from killing King Arthur and Hank Morgan when they are disguised as commoners—only to immediately sell them into slavery.
Hello-Central is Hank Morgan and Sandy’s daughter, named after the greeting that Hank used to hear when he picked up the telephone to make a call in the 19th century.
Sir La Cote Male Taile
Sir La Cote Male Taile is a knight of the Round Table whom Hank Morgan employs as a traveling soap salesman.