A Day’s Wait


Ernest Hemingway

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A Day’s Wait Characters

The Father

The father is the story’s unnamed narrator. He treats his nine-year-old son with affection and tenderness, encouraging him to rest and allow his body to recover rather than stubbornly ignore the symptoms of illness. His… read analysis of The Father

Schatz (The Son)

The father’s son is a nine-year-old boy nicknamed “Schatz,” or treasure. When he falls ill with influenza, he attempts to appear mature, manly, and unemotional. Rather than admit to the weaknesses of illness, confusion… read analysis of Schatz (The Son)

The Doctor

The doctor visits the household and measures the son’s temperature at 102 degrees. He then gives the father medicine for his son and tells him that the boy has influenza, part of a mild… read analysis of The Doctor