A Horse and Two Goats

A Horse and Two Goats Characters


An impoverished, low-caste goat herder who lives in the fictional South Indian village of Kritam. At one time, Muni possessed a large and healthy herd of goats and sheep, but the herd dwindled away over… (read full character analysis)

The Red-Faced Foreigner

An American tourist who lives in the suburbs of Connecticut and commutes to work in the Empire State Building each day, where he works as a prosperous coffee trader. He decides to visit India with… (read full character analysis)

Muni’s Wife

A long-suffering woman who is childless and impoverished, Muni’s wife must worry each day about obtaining enough food to eat for the couple. It is often she who must go out and perform odd… (read full character analysis)

The Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper enjoys engaging in gossip and lighthearted banter with the other villagers. Muni uses his knowledge of the shopkeeper’s dislike of the village’s itinerant postman, who cheated the shopkeeper, to attempt to manipulate the… (read full character analysis)