A Horseman in the Sky


Ambrose Bierce

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A Horseman in the Sky Characters

Carter Druse

The protagonist of the story, Carter Druse is a private in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Carter Although he fights for the Union, Druse was raised in Virginia, a Confederate State. He… (read full character analysis)

Druse’s Father

Carter Druse’s father is a wealthy Virginian and a Confederate officer in the Civil War. At the end of the story, Druse’s father is also revealed to be the eponymous horseman whom his son… (read full character analysis)

The Wandering Officer

A Union officer who has wandered away from camp and witnesses Druse’s father and his mount falling from a cliff side. Due to the angle of the sight and the officer’s precarious mental state, he… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
The Commander
A commander in the Union army, whom the wandering officer reports to.
The Sergeant
A sergeant in the Union army, to whom Carter Druse reveals that he has just killed his own father.