A Long Way Home


Saroo Brierley

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Asra is Saroo’s closest friend in the Nava Jeevan orphanage in Calcutta. They’re about the same age, and Asra is adopted by a couple in Victoria at the same time the Brierleys adopt Saroo. They keep in touch into adulthood through their parents’ involvement with ASIAC, though Saroo is very careful of what he shares with Asa about his search for his birth family—Asra’s Indian parents are dead, and she has no birth family to find.
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Asra Character Timeline in A Long Way Home

The timeline below shows where the character Asra appears in A Long Way Home. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
4. Salvation
Family Theme Icon
Survival, Poverty, and Childhood Theme Icon
Destiny, Chance, and Luck Theme Icon
...Nava Jeevan, Abdul and Musa, already went to Australia, and Saroo’s friend at the orphanage, Asra, will also be going. (full context)
Family Theme Icon
Asra and Saroo are given photo albums made by their prospective parents. Saroo is bewitched by... (full context)
Family Theme Icon
Survival, Poverty, and Childhood Theme Icon
Once Saroo makes his decision, his reservations disappear. One day, Asra, Saroo, and the other children going to Australia are separated by gender, and the boys... (full context)
5. A New Life
Family Theme Icon
Through ASIAC, Saroo is able to keep in contact with Asra. A year after their adoptions, their families meet up to go to the zoo in... (full context)
12. Reaching Out
Family Theme Icon
Human Kindness Theme Icon
When Saroo gets back to Hobart, he calls Asra to share the news. She’s very happy for him and asks what he’s going to... (full context)