A Long Way Home


Saroo Brierley

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The Mother Character Analysis

The mother is a young woman in Calcutta who houses and feeds Saroo for a night. Despite her kindness, she’s also physically violent towards Saroo and her son, the little boy: she throws a rock at Saroo when he won’t return to her from the river where she did laundry.
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The Mother Character Timeline in A Long Way Home

The timeline below shows where the character The Mother appears in A Long Way Home. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
4. Salvation
Family Theme Icon
Survival, Poverty, and Childhood Theme Icon
Human Kindness Theme Icon
...a while and then the boy invites Saroo to come home with him. The boy’s mother seems kind, and Saroo tells her some of his story. She allows him to stay... (full context)