A People’s History of the United States


Howard Zinn

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A People’s History of the United States Terms


The system of state administration that involves the state extending its power by acquiring new territories. Zinn also uses the word “imperialism” to refer, more loosely, to the process by which the U.S. has used… read analysis of Imperialism


The economic system in which private owners control the “means of production” (industry, manufacturing, and trade). Since the 1500s, most Western economies have been predominately capitalist, while incorporating elements of Socialism. In the 19th… read analysis of Capitalism


The political and economic ideology that favors the abolition of government and the construction of a society in which people voluntarily organize themselves. Anarchism is one of the most vague and open-ended political ideologies, since… read analysis of Anarchism


The economic system in which the whole community—or, in some cases, a government elected to represent the community—controls the means of production. In the 21st century, most Western societies incorporate at least some Socialist elements… read analysis of Socialism


A political and economic system, often referred to interchangeably with Socialism. In Communism, however, a centralized government, acting on behalf of the people, protects access to resources and ensures that citizens do not accumulate large… read analysis of Communism
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