A Retrieved Reformation


O. Henry

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Jimmy Valentine/Ralph D. Spencer

The protagonist of “A Retrieved Reformation,” Jimmy is a safecracker and thief living in the American Midwest in the early 1900s. When first introduced, the well-connected Jimmy is being released from prison after serving just… read analysis of Jimmy Valentine/Ralph D. Spencer

Ben Price

An “eminent” police detective and the antagonist of “A Retrieved Reformation.” Price is portrayed as the epitome of morality and hard work, and he serves as a foil to Jimmy Valentine’s criminal lifestyle. Jimmy… read analysis of Ben Price

Annabel Adams

The fiancée of Ralph D. Spencer, the false identity of career safecracker, Jimmy Valentine, and the daughter of Mr. Adams, the owner of The Elmore Bank. Jimmy first sees Annabel outside her father’s… read analysis of Annabel Adams

The Warden

The man in charge of the prison where Jimmy Valentine serves time after his arrest in Springfield. As Jimmy is released from prison, the warden advises him to “brace up” and “make a man of… read analysis of The Warden

Mike Dolan

A long-time friend of Jimmy Valentine and owner of the café where Jimmy rents a room. After Jimmy is released from prison, it is revealed that Mike was instrumental in orchestrating Jimmy’s pardon from the… read analysis of Mike Dolan
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Mr. Adams

The owner of The Elmore Bank and father to Annabel. It is Mr. Adams’s bank that Jimmy Valentine initially cases when arriving in town, and it is his safe that Agatha, his granddaughter… read analysis of Mr. Adams
Minor Characters
The niece of Annabel Adams and granddaughter to Mr. Adams. Agatha is accidently locked in her grandfather’s safe, causing Ralph D. Spencer to break the lock, effectively revealing his identity as Jimmy Valentine.
Agatha’s sister. May inadvertently locks Agatha in their grandfather Mr. Adam’s safe.