A Room with a View


E. M. Forster

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A Room with a View Characters

Lucy Honeychurch

Lucy begins the novel as a young, somewhat naïve British woman abroad in Italy. She is under the care of her older cousin Charlotte, but eager to break out on her own and lead… read analysis of Lucy Honeychurch

Charlotte Bartlett

Charlotte is Lucy’s older cousin, who chaperons her trip to Italy. From a slightly older generation than Lucy, she believes in the traditional social norms of the Victorian period and is aghast when George kisses… read analysis of Charlotte Bartlett

George Emerson

George is a young man who has been brought up by his father to be critical and skeptical of traditional social norms. He believes in the equality of the sexes and shares in his father’s… read analysis of George Emerson

Mr. Emerson

George’s father, Mr. Emerson is an intelligent, thoughtful man who comes from a somewhat lower-class background. He has little regard for social niceties and perhaps lacks tact, but he means well and is a kind… read analysis of Mr. Emerson

Mr. Beebe

A reverend from Lucy’s hometown who happens to be in Florence at the same time as her. He is a kind, if somewhat reserved, person, who helps Lucy throughout the novel. He dislikes Cecilread analysis of Mr. Beebe
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Miss Lavish

A British woman staying at the Pension Bertolini, who somewhat arrogantly thinks that she is finding the “real” Italy in contrast to naïve tourists. She is also a novelist, and writes a novel under a… read analysis of Miss Lavish

The Miss Alans

Two old spinster sisters staying at the Pension Bertolini in the beginning of the novel. Lucy later invites them to move into a villa nearby Windy Corner, but Cecil ruins this plan by inviting the… read analysis of The Miss Alans

Mr. Eager

A British clergyman at the Pension Bertolini who dislikes the Emersons and tells Lucy that Mr. Emerson murdered his own wife. It is later revealed that Mrs. Emerson died after becoming sick with depression and… read analysis of Mr. Eager

Mrs. Honeychurch

Lucy’s mother, who adheres to traditional Victorian social norms and ideas about gender roles. (For example, she bristles at learning that Miss Lavish is a novelist, thinking that women shouldn’t be writers.) Mrs. Honeychurch is… read analysis of Mrs. Honeychurch

Cecil Vyse

A family friend of the Honeychurches, with whom Lucy and Charlotte stay in Rome. Cecil proposes to Lucy twice unsuccessfully in Italy, and then proposes a third time at Windy Corner, where Lucy finally accepts… read analysis of Cecil Vyse
Minor Characters
Freddy Honeychurch
Lucy’s good-natured, easy-going brother, who annoys Cecil somewhat. Freddy is fond of Lucy, but ends the novel upset at her (like Mrs. Honeychurch) for running off to Italy with George.
Mrs. Vyse
Cecil’s mother, with whom Lucy and Cecil stay in London. Mrs. Vyse is happy that Lucy appears to be losing some of the less sophisticated habits of her upbringing during her stay in London.
Minnie Beebe
Mr. Beebe’s young niece, who spends some time at Windy Corner.
Sir Harry Otway
Sir Harry owns the villa near Windy Corner that the Emersons eventually move into. He is originally enthusiastic about Lucy’s plan to have the Miss Alans move into the place, but is persuaded by Cecil to let the Emersons move in, instead.