A Separate Peace

A Separate Peace Characters

Gene Forrester

The novel's narrator and protagonist. At the novel's opening he is a man in his thirties looking back at his days as a student at private prep academy called the Devon School. As a student… (read full character analysis)

Phineas ("Finny")

Gene's best friend and classmate at the Devon School. Finny is an extraordinarily talented athlete and a charismatic student leader who's earned the respect and admiration of the entire student body. Finny's freewheeling behavior often… (read full character analysis)

Brinker Hadley

The quintessential prep school student, Brinker comes from a wealthy family and is obsessed with truth, order, and justice. Like Finny, Brinker is well known on campus and is considered a leader. But while… (read full character analysis)

Elwin "Leper" Lepellier

A member of Gene and Finny's circle of friends at Devon, Leper is an eccentric student who enjoys communing with nature. As the other boys play sports and leap from trees, Leper photographs beaver dams… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Cliff Quackenbush
The irritable and condescending Devon crew team manager. Disliked by most Devon students, Cliff mistreats anyone over whom he has any power.
Chet Douglass
An excellent student, tennis player, and trumpet player, Chet Douglass vies with Gene to be the valedictorian of Devon.
Brownie Perkins
Brinker Hadley's roommate and obedient sidekick.
Bobby Zane
A member of Gene and Finny's circle of friends during the summer, he refuses to jump from the tree from which Finny falls.
Mr. Prud'homme
A substitute Devon house master on duty during the summer term. He has a less severe and forbidding demeanor than the term-time Devon masters.
Mr. Patch-Withers
The substitute Devon Head Master during the summer term. Like Mr. Prud'homme, Patch-Withers is less strict than the regular masters and is a sucker for Finny's charm.
Mr. Ludsbury
The house master of Finny and Gene's dorm during the winter term. A stern disciplinarian, Mr. Ludsbury works long and hard to maintain order. He despises the lax environment allowed by the summer session masters.
Dr. Stanpole
The main doctor at Devon's infirmary. He is caring and kind, and pities Gene and his friends for the world that they will soon have to face.
Phil Latham
Devon's wrestling coach who cares for Finny after he falls down the stairs.
Mr. Hadley
Brinker Hadley's father. His patriotic views offend Gene and Brinker.