A Simple Heart


Gustave Flaubert

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An impoverished old man who lives in a “hovel” in Pont-l’Eveque and suffers from a large tumor on his arm. He is said to “have committed terrible atrocities in ‘93” (during the French Revolution). Félicité brings him food, cleans his living area, and cares for him as he approaches death. When he dies, she “[has] a mass said for the repose of his soul.”
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Colmiche Character Timeline in A Simple Heart

The timeline below shows where the character Colmiche appears in A Simple Heart. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3
Faith and Virtue  Theme Icon
Classism and Class Disparity Theme Icon
Cruelty vs Compassion  Theme Icon
Love, Loss, and Death Theme Icon
...her household duties, she cares for cholera victims, Polish refugees, and an impoverished man named Colmiche who is harassed by the town’s children and suffers from a large tumor on his... (full context)