A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings


Gabriel García Márquez

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A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Characters

The Old Man (the Angel)

The protagonist of the story, the angel is an old, disheveled man with enormous wings who finds himself facedown in the mud of Pelayo’s courtyard at the beginning of the story. Presumably coming to take… read analysis of The Old Man (the Angel)


Pelayo, a married man with a newborn son who lives in a rundown seaside town, finds the old man with enormous wings in his courtyard. Instead of finding the man’s presence miraculous, Pelayo assumes that… read analysis of Pelayo


Elisenda is Pelayo’s wife. She is ordinary and concerned primarily with getting by. When Pelayo finds the old man in the courtyard, Elisenda is the one who comes up with the idea to charge admission… read analysis of Elisenda

The Neighbor Woman

When Elisenda and Pelayo find the old man, they go to the old lady next door for advice. While she has a reputation for being wise, she comes across cruel and petty and somewhat… read analysis of The Neighbor Woman

The Child

Pelayo and Elisenda’s newborn son is very ill before the angel arrives, but he makes a full recovery by the end of the story. He is the only character who doesn’t treat the angel… read analysis of The Child
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Father Gonzaga

Father Gonzaga is the hapless priest who is brought in to examine the angel. The priest, as a religious figure, should be charitable and empathetic towards the wretched angel, but he instead warns the… read analysis of Father Gonzaga

The Spider Woman

This minor character has the body of a (very large) tarantula and the head of a fair maiden. She has a simple tale to tell of family tragedy, and because the townspeople recognize themselves in… read analysis of The Spider Woman