A View from the Bridge


Arthur Miller

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A View from the Bridge Characters

Eddie Carbone

The tragic protagonist of the play, Eddie is a hard-working man who supports his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine, whom he has raised like a daughter. He begins the play as a well-liked… (read full character analysis)


Eddie’s wife, who is suspicious about Eddie’s feelings for Catherine and who tries to encourage Catherine to become more independent. Eddie feels that Beatrice doesn’t respect him because of how much she disagrees with him… (read full character analysis)


Catherine is Eddie’s niece, but he has raised her like a daughter, and she looks up to him as a kind of father figure. She is poised on the threshold of adulthood as the play… (read full character analysis)


An Italian-American lawyer and a sort of narrator for the play, who guides the audience through the story. Eddie visits Alfieri to see if there is any legal action he can take to keep Catherine(read full character analysis)


One of Beatrice’s cousins from Italy, who immigrates illegally to the United States and lives in Eddie’s apartment. He is more hard-working and traditionally masculine than Rodolpho and therefore Eddie respects Marco more than Rodolpho… (read full character analysis)
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The other one of Beatrice’s cousins from Italy, who stays at Eddie’s apartment. Unlike Marco, Rodolpho spends his money lavishly on clothes and other things, and enjoys himself out in the city. He sings… (read full character analysis)

Mike and Louis

Two of Eddie’s neighbors, who more or less stand in for the entire neighborhood in which the play is set. Early in the play, they are Eddie’s friends, and they joke about how strange Rodolpho(read full character analysis)


A butcher who lives in the same apartment building as Eddie. He has two illegal immigrants, his family members, staying with him, and then Beatrice has Marco and Rodolpho move into his apartment, as… (read full character analysis)

Immigration Officers

The officers who come late in the play to arrest Marco and Rodolpho, after Eddie calls the Immigration Bureau. The officers are agents of the law who illustrate the difference between justice and the… (read full character analysis)