A Walk in the Woods


Bill Bryson

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Alexei Pitka is a famous bear-hunter who shot down a grizzly bear. When he approached the bear, it was still alive and it grabbed Pitka’s head between its jaws. Astoundingly, Pitka survived. The anecdote fills Bryson with fear about encountering bears on his own hiking trip, even though grizzly bears aren’t native to the area in which Bryson is hiking.
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Alexei Pitka Character Timeline in A Walk in the Woods

The timeline below shows where the character Alexei Pitka appears in A Walk in the Woods. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2
Fear, Danger, and Human Destruction Theme Icon
...terrifying—not even arrows or bullets will stop it. Bryson reads about a professional hunter named Alexei Pitka , who shot a grizzly down and approached the bear, at which point the bear... (full context)