A White Heron


Sarah Orne Jewett

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A White Heron Characters


Sylvia, the protagonist of the story, is a 9-year-old girl living on a farm in the Maine woodlands with her grandmother, Mrs. Tilley. Before moving to her grandmother’s farm, Sylvia lived in a crowded… read analysis of Sylvia

The Hunter

The hunter (whose name is never revealed) is an ornithologist from town who comes to the countryside with the aim of shooting and stuffing a rare white heron for his collection of birds. He stumbles… read analysis of The Hunter

Mrs. Tilley

Mrs. Tilley is Sylvia’s grandmother who owns a farm in rural Maine. She is old enough to have an experienced knowledge of the countryside and to need of one of her grandchildren to help… read analysis of Mrs. Tilley

Dan Tilley

Dan is Sylvia’s uncle and Mrs. Tilley’s only living son (although she is not totally sure that he is alive). He left home many years ago to explore the American West and has… read analysis of Dan Tilley
Minor Characters
Mistress Moolly
Mistress Moolly is the playfully mischievous cow owned by Mrs. Tilley and Sylvia. The cow is Sylvia’s beloved playmate in the absence of human companions out in the country.