All American Boys


Jason Reynolds

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All American Boys: 17. Friday: Quinn and Rashad Summary & Analysis

The final chapter alternates between Quinn and Rashad as they catch one another’s eyes during the die-in. Rashad can tell that Quinn is thinking about the people whose names are being read aloud. Quinn wanted to see Rashad because only a week ago, he had refused to see him. Rashad feels sad, angry, and proud. He feels connected to all black people––those who are able to be at the protest as well as those who can’t––and is determined to fight for them. He is “Rashad Butler. Present.”
Consider the significance of the fact that Quinn and Rashad never actually meet in the book. Their only interaction is an exchange of eye contact, yet this fleeting moment is charged with significance. They have both undergone an intense process of transformation, and––although they come from very different backgrounds––are now united in their fight for justice.
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