All My Sons


Arthur Miller

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Joe Keller

Head of the Keller family, Joe runs a successful business, J. O. Keller, Inc., with his son, Chris. It is revealed, later in the play, that Joe OK’d the production of faulty plane parts… (read full character analysis)

Kate Keller

Joe’s devoted wife, Kate knows of Joe’s malfeasance during the war and seeks to “sweep under the rug” her husband’s moral failings. Kate also waits, day in, day out, for her son Larry’s return, and… (read full character analysis)

Chris Keller

One of Joe and Kate’s two sons, Chris survives the war and works in his father’s business, making a good deal of money. Chris always had a nagging sense of doubt about his father’s innocence… (read full character analysis)

Ann Deever

Known to those in the play as Annie, Ann is Chris’s fiancée, formerly a girlfriend of Larry’s before the war. Annie has not spoken to her father since Steve’s conviction for his involvement in the… (read full character analysis)

George Deever

Annie’s brother, George has also given up all ties to Steve following Steve’s trial, but when George hears that Annie wishes to marry Chris, George goes from New York to Columbus to seek out… (read full character analysis)
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Dr. Jim Bayliss

One of the Kellers’ neighbors, Jim and his wife Sue live in the house where Annie grew up. Jim laments the fact that he is forced to earn more money for Sue by performing a… (read full character analysis)

Sue Bayliss

Jim’s wife, Sue, understands, and reveals to Annie, that much of the neighborhood realizes Joe was truly guilty of the manufacturing fiasco; Joe was simply shrewd enough to avoid jail-time. Sue advises Annie and… (read full character analysis)

Frank Lubey

The Kellers’ neighbor on the other side, Frank was too old to be drafted, and this has caused him to place a great deal of emphasis on numerology and astrology. Frank has been constructing an… (read full character analysis)


A small boy from the neighborhood, Bert plays a longstanding game with Joe, attempting to “lock up” criminals in a jail Joe pretends is in the Keller family’s basement. But Kate comes out to yell… (read full character analysis)

Larry Keller

Never seen in the play, Larry Keller committed suicide in war, following news that his father and Steve manufactured faulty parts and killed American soldiers. Only Annie (Larry’s former girlfriend) knew of Larry’s suicide, and… (read full character analysis)

Steve Deever

Never seen in the play, Steve Deever, Annie’s father, was Joe’s subordinate at the manufacturing plant, and his cowardice in allowing the parts to be caulked over and shipped has landed him in jail. Steve… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Lydia Lubey
Frank’s doting wife, with whom he has three children. Lydia is shown, herself, to have had a thwarted courtship with George before the war. But George was drafted and Frank was not; thus Lydia ended up with Frank, much to George’s chagrin.