All Summer in a Day


Ray Bradbury

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All Summer in a Day Characters


Margot, the protagonist of “All Summer in a Day,” is a nine-year-old girl who moved from Ohio to the planet Venus when she was four years old. Margot longs intensely for the sun, which she… read analysis of Margot


William is a boy in Margot’s class, and he acts as a ringleader for the other students. Because he is jealous of Margot’s experiences, he discredits her when she talks about the sun and tries… read analysis of William


William and Margot are the only students named in the story, but the other students also join William in teasing Margot, and they get to play outside in the sun while Margot is locked up… read analysis of Children
Minor Characters
The teacher reprimands William for trying to discredit Margot. She is out of the room when the other children bully Margot, and she does not notice that Margot is missing when she sends the class outside.