All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places


Jennifer Niven

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All the Bright Places: 9. Violet: 151 days till graduation Summary & Analysis

In first period Monday morning, everyone is talking about the new post in the Bartlett Dirt, which is the school’s “gossip rag.” It’s about how Violet saved Finch, and the picture of Violet in Eleanor’s glasses looks “like a makeover ‘before.’” Violet watches Jordan Gripenwaldt, the editor of the school paper, discuss the article with her friends in a disgusted voice. Those girls are “smart girls who speak their minds,” and Violet thinks she should be friends with them and not Amanda. Last year, she would’ve agreed with Jordan and her friends. But now, Violet tells her teacher she has cramps and goes to sit and read in the belltower.
Given the way that Violet describes her picture in the Bartlett Dirt, it suggests that she’s becoming less enamored with her new, Eleanor-inspired look. And at the same time, Violet also starts to realize who she wants to be (or, at least, who she thinks she should be): smart, engaged, and vocal about her thoughts. This is a significant first step for Violet, but skipping class to read alone suggests that she isn’t actually ready to change herself yet.
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