All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See


Anthony Doerr

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All the Light We Cannot See: 3. The Sum of Angles Summary & Analysis

After his spectacular performance as an engineer for Dr. Hauptmann, Werner is summoned to the technical sciences professors, and asked about his interest in the sciences. Werner proudly explains that he’d taught himself trigonometry and physics. Hauptmann tells Werner that he’s been assigned to work in the laboratories of the Institute every weekend—information that Werner finds exciting. A little sadly, he remembers how Jutta bragged about his talents to the government official, years before.
Even as Werner rises in prestige at school, he can’t help but think back to his time with Jutta. He is doing well by the standards of the authorities, but he seems to feel like Jutta would not approve of his actions. This reminds us why family is so important—in a world where everything is changing, family can act as a constant against which to measure change.
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