Always Running


Luis J. Rodriguez

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Camila Martínez Character Analysis

Luis Rodriguez meets Camila Martínez in the late 1970s, when he’s a young, charismatic college student and she’s a beautiful high school student. The two begin a relationship, and shortly afterwards, Camila gives birth to Luis’s first son, Ramiro. However, the couple breaks up, and Camila proceeds to raise Ramiro on her own in Los Angeles.
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Camila Martínez Character Timeline in Always Running

The timeline below shows where the character Camila Martínez appears in Always Running. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Gangs and Crime Theme Icon
...1970s, just before Luis turned twenty-one. Two years later, Luis broke up with Ramiro’s mother, Camila, and moved to Chicago, leaving Ramiro in Los Angeles. At the time, Los Angeles had... (full context)
Chapter 9
Machismo Theme Icon
Coming of Age and Mentorship Theme Icon
During one of his high school visits, Luis meets a high school student named Camila Martínez. Luis invites Camila to come to some of the study sessions he’s been organizing... (full context)
Coming of Age and Mentorship Theme Icon
Meanwhile, Luis starts spending more time with Camila. Life is going well for him, especially now that he has “a beautiful woman at... (full context)