Always Running


Luis J. Rodriguez

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Clavo Character Analysis

One of Luis Rodriguez’s middle school friends, Clavo eventually joins the gang The Tribe along with Luis. He’s shot in the eye during a fight with a rival gang, and soon after this he loses the eye and mysteriously disappears—nobody knows whether it’s because he has moved away or because he’s been arrested or killed.
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Clavo Character Timeline in Always Running

The timeline below shows where the character Clavo appears in Always Running. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2
Gangs and Crime Theme Icon
Machismo Theme Icon
Race, Racism, and Class Theme Icon
Coming of Age and Mentorship Theme Icon
Around the age of thirteen, Luis starts spending all his time with some friends named Clavo, Wilo and Chicharrón—together, “The Animal Tribe.” The Animal Tribe (or just “The Tribe”) is a... (full context)
Chapter 3
Gangs and Crime Theme Icon
Luis, Wilo, Clavo, and Chicharrón spend more time together after they join The Tribe. They spray-paint their names... (full context)
Race, Racism, and Class Theme Icon
Luis returns to the incident he described at the beginning of the chapter. Clavo survives his shooting, but loses an eye. To celebrate Clavo’s survival, the gang decides to... (full context)
Gangs and Crime Theme Icon
Machismo Theme Icon
Shortly after Clavo’s accident, Clavo disappears. Nobody is sure if he’s gone home or to jail. A new... (full context)